The Order Detail page is a great way to view more information and take actions on a single order level. 

To access the Order Detail page, click on an Order ID

Here are all the different elements of the Order Detail page:

  • In the image below, this first column is the Order Summary section. Here is where you can find the date the order was placed, the status, the total price, and the sales channel it originated from.
  • The next section to the left is where you can view and edit the Ship To and Bill To information of the customer.
  • The Shipping Info section shows the requested ship method as well as any shipping details applied to the order.

  • The Order Contents sections shows more details about what products are in the order, what was the tax, any discount etc.
    • You can also add or remove line items from the order. 

  • The final section shows you the Timeline of all the activities that have taken place on this order.
    • See below for an example for the order audit trail.