Here are the steps to email an order invoice to your customer

1. Go to the Orders tab.

2. Select the box next to the Order you are wanting to send the invoice to. The order will need to have an email listed in the bill-to section of the order.

3. In the Orders menu, select  Other Actions

4. Select Send Invoice. This will send an invoice to your customer’s bill-to email address listed on the order.

Your Invoice will look like this:


If you are in the Order Detail page for this Order, you can also send an invoice by selecting Send Invoice in the Orders menu.

In Ordoro Version 2

Here are steps to email an order invoice to your customer

1. Click on the Order ID. This will take you to the Order Detail page

2. On the left-nav, locate the section that says Bill-to info

3. Click on the Email Invoice link right below the Bill-To address

email invoice

4. See the screenshot below of a sample of what the invoice email will look like.


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