Electronic trade documents (ETD) give users a convenient option to send international trade documents electronically – so no need to print and attach separately.

Not all countries need or accept ETD, so Ordoro allows you to manage for which orders ETD should be sent. Ordoro even knows which countries do and don’t require ETD and will automatically detect these orders, but you can override this option.

For more information regarding what countries require ETD, please click here.

How to turn on/Off FedEx ETD in Ordoro?

1. Select on the international order for which you’d like to create a label.


2. Select on the ‘Carrier’ dropdown and click ‘FedEx’


3. Select on ‘Additional Options’ and just below you’ll see the option for ETD.With this option selected Ordoro will send the trade documents electronically. With it deselected Ordoro will not send the documents.


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