If you are using Ordoro to manage your inventory, you should not edit your SKUs in your sales channels.

Ordoro writes inventory back to the sales channel based off of SKU, and when you edit or update your SKU in your sales channel, that will trigger Ordoro to import a brand new product with the updated SKU.

For example: You have “SKU-1” in your sales channel and in Ordoro. If you go into your sales channel and edit “SKU-1” to be “SKU-2”, Ordoro will assume that SKU-2 is a brand new product, and will import it accordingly. This will cause issues when writing back to your sales channels. Ordoro will try to write back the inventory for SKU-1 and SKU-2 to your SKU-2 product in your sales channel.

To avoid this, archive the old SKU (SKU-1) in Ordoro whenever you edit or update your SKUs in your Sales Channels. To avoid this entirely, you should create a brand new product in your sales channel.