Yes, when a new product imports from Shopify to Ordoro, its product tags will automatically be brought in. To find out more about product tags in Ordoro, just take a look at this helpful support article.

To use this feature, our Support team will need to activate it in your account. Simply get in touch at, and one of our friendly team members will gladly enable it for you.


  • Once the feature is enabled, tags will only import for new products created in Shopify. Ordoro does not go back and pull tags for existing products.
  • If you connect a new Shopify sales channel that includes product tags, those tags will be added to the existing SKUs in Ordoro.

How Shopify product tags import to Ordoro

1. In Shopify, product tags can be added in the Tags field.

2. When the item imports to Ordoro, corresponding tags will be created and applied to the product.