Yes! If you add a product tag to your product in Shopify, this tag will import and be created as a Product Tag in Ordoro. To learn more about product tags in Ordoro, please see this support article.

This feature will need to be enabled in your account. Reach out to our support team at and one of our support team members will be happy to turn this feature on for your account.

NOTE: Tags will only be imported and created for NEW products created in Shopify and imported into Ordoro.

For example, SKU baby_sloth_t_1 is newly created in Shopify. This SKU has the tag T-Shirt in Shopify.

When this product is imported into Ordoro, the tag T-Shirt will be created and applied to this SKU. See this support article to learn how to import products into Ordoro.

NOTE: We also import product tags from Shopify when you add a new Shopify sales channel to Ordoro. For example, you have an existing SKU in Ordoro that is not connected to your Shopify sales channel. You go to create this SKU with a product tag in Shopify. When you go to import products from Shopify into Ordoro, the product tag will import and be applied to this existing SKU.

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