The short answer is: not at this time. However, you can change the user information so they cannot log in.

Why you cannot delete a user

Ordoro is a multi-user system and records the activities of each user in your account. For example, you can track which user shipped an order.

If we delete a user, all of the order history notes and actions will also be affected. Therefore, we do not support removing users at this time.

How to prevent a user from logging in

We suggest changing the email and password to a combination the user can’t access (in case they try to reset the password.) See the example below.

In this example, we no longer want John Doe to have access to Ordoro. See his current settings below.

We’ve changed his Name, Email, and removed Admin access to his account. The new email is not one they have access to, so this way, they’re unable to do a password reset.

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