Ordoro allows for unlimited users* so each team member can log in. It’s helpful to track who has shipped each order or updated inventory quantities.

However, you may need to disable users’ access because they’ve left the company or moved to a different department. This article lists the steps to archive a user.

* For all plans besides the Essential plan. See our Pricing page for more details.


  1. What happens when you archive a user?
  2. How do I archive a user?

What happens when you archive a user?

1. Once archived, the user will be logged out of Ordoro and cannot log back in.

  • The reset email is not sent if they try to reset their password.

2. The user will not appear in the User Settings list.

3. The user’s actions remain in the Order Timeline and Inventory Log.

4. Once a user is archived, it cannot be unarchived.

  • However, you can create the user again with the same email address.

5. Note: Only an Admin user can archive other users.

How do I archive a user?

1. Go to your Company Name -> Account Settings.

2. Select Users in the left navigation.

3. Click Edit next to the user to archive.

4. Select the Archive User button.

5. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation. Once you click the Archive button, the user is logged out and cannot log back in.