You can find the POs your searching for easier by filtering your POs in Ordoro.


  1. How do I apply purchase order filters?
  2. What purchase order filters are available?

How do I apply purchase order filters?


  • Some filtering options will change based on the purchase order status you’re viewing.
  • A round radio button means only a single option is selectable.
  • A square checkbox means multiple options are selectable.

  1. Click the POs tab in the green bar.
  2. Click the Filters button.

  1. A modal will open with the available filters (see the list below.)
  2. Select the desired filters.
  3. Click Apply.
    • Note: Click on Clear Filters to deselect any previously selected filters.

  1. The selected filters will display in the Purchase Orders Omnibar.
    • To remove a filter, click the X in the box.

  1. The selected filters will also be listed in the URL, so you can bookmark them.

What purchase order filters are available?

You can filter by:

  1. PO Status
  2. Tags

PO Status

  • Filtering by Status returns purchase orders in the corresponding status.
  • Only one Status can be selected.
    • Select All if you are unsure of the purchase order(s) status you wish to return.


  • Filter purchase orders by tags.
  • The tags will be listed alphabetically.
  • Multiple can be selected.
  • If you have 6+ tags, you can find them in the search box in the top right or expand the list.
  • You can exclude multiple tags by selecting the icon with a crossed-out eye.
    • See the screenshot below to see where the exclude icon is.
  • Refer to this help article for a breakdown of the filtering Logic for Tags.

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