Yes, Ordoro is able to import orders that are fulfilled by Amazon into your Ordoro account.

  • Note: Amazon FBA orders will be counted toward your monthly total orders imported into Ordoro. This may affect your current monthly billing. Please email for further details/questions.

To import your FBA orders automatically once a day, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Sync button in the top right-hand of your account.
  2. Find your Amazon cart. Select the checkbox next to the Import FBA Orders.
  3. Select the Update AutoSync Settings button.

Once autosync has been enabled, Ordoro will import Shipped FBA orders once a day. This task will kick off late in the evening.

When the Shipped FBA orders import into Ordoro, they will automatically go into the Shipped filter and will be tagged with an FBA tag. Inventory will NOT be deducted/accounted for these orders.


  1. Will address information be included on the FBA orders?
    • Only the city, state, and country.
  2. Will product cost be included on the FBA orders?
    • Yes, product cost is included on Shipped FBA orders.
  3. Will shipping costs be included on the FBA orders?
    • No, shipping costs are not included in the FBA orders passed from Amazon to Ordoro.
  4. Will Ordoro import ALL of my past shipped FBA orders?
    • No. Ordoro will import the past 30 days FBA shipped orders.