If you have just signed up for an Ordoro account, then your products (and orders) are automatically imported into Ordoro during the signup process.

If you add new products in your sales channels, and want to import them into Ordoro, follow the steps below.

1. Click on the blue ‘Sync’ button in the top right, OR in the Products tab click on ‘Import Products’.

The sync settings window will open.

From there you will have options to ‘Import Products’ per cart/channel.

2a. If you want to run a one-time sync, deseleted the the other tasks and check only the ‘Import Products’ task:

  • Then click on Sync Once.

2b. If you want to turn on Autosync so that products import automatically, check ‘Import Products’ so that this task is enabled with the rest:

  • Then click on Update Autosync Settings.

Note: for some carts/channels the option to turn on autosync to import products is not an option. A yellow dialog box will alert you if the setting cannot be enabled.

3. Click the Activity Log in the top right to view the status of the product import. Once it’s complete, you’ll see this message.


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