Using our barcode scanning workflow, you can:

  1. Find an order using the barcode on the packing list.
  2. Scan each item to ensure it’s the correct one for the package.
  3. Keep track of which user packed the box.
  4. Quickly identify which orders were verified via barcode scanning.

Note: This feature is available for Express, Pro, and Enterprise plans. If you would like to have this feature enabled in your account, please contact us at


  • All items either need UPC codes or SKUs saved in Ordoro.
    • See here on how to update products with UPCs.
  • Each item’s warehouse location is displayed in the modal in case you pick and pack at the same time.

Here’s how it works

From the Orders tab, select to enter packing mode for a single or orders in batch:

Selecting orders in batch will take you to a modal to scan your first packing list:

Once you scan the packing list, it will pull up the items needed for that order. If you entered packing for a single order, it will go straight to this screen:

Now you can begin scanning items as you place them in the box. When you scan a correct item you will see it add to the ‘Qty Verified’ column and receive a ‘Scan Successful’ message on the top right:

If you have verified the full quantity for an item, it will be removed from the list:

Once you have successfully scanned the correct quantities of all the correct ordered items, a confirmation screen will appear. Once confirmed, it will take you back to the orders list page if you were scanning directly from an order, or it will take you to the screen to scan a packing list if you entered the modal via the batch method:

It will also add a “Contents Verified” tag to that order. This can be used as a visual indicator that an order has been picked, packed, and verified. You can also use this to filter orders by tag and create labels in batches.

What happens if you scan something that does not need to go in the box?

If you scan too many of an item, you will see this error message. Set the product aside and hit continue to go back to scanning:

If you scan an item that is not associated with the order, you will see this error message. Set the product aside and hit continue to go back to scanning:

What if I do not have barcodes for some of my items?

If you do not have a barcode on an item, you can manually verify that you placed it in the box. You will just need to hover your cursor on the right of the ‘Qty Verified’ column and click on the checkmark.

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