Ordoro’s existing barcode scanning workflow allows you to verify orders one-at-a-time. Our newest version of barcode scanning allows you to verify multiple orders at a time.

This article outlines the features in the newest version but for details on the basic setup for barcode scanning, please refer to our previous article.

Here’s how it works

From the Orders tab, select the barcode icon to enter packing mode for multiple orders. You can either pre-select the orders as shown below or you can scan the barcode on the packing slips from Ordoro.

If no orders were selected, then you’ll be prompted to scan the barcode on Ordoro’s packing list to pull up the order.

Once you scan the packing list, or if you pre-selected orders, it will pull up the items needed for that order.

Multiple orders are ready to scan in the previous screenshot. Once the items are correctly scanned in, you can click the Confirm button. This will tag the order as Contents Verified.

Next, you can Verify Next Order or Create Label for the current order. Previously, you had to click elsewhere to create the label. This reduces the number of clicks to create a label after using barcode scanning.

Once the label is created, you can either Print from this screen or Verify Next Order. If you choose to skip printing at this stage, you can filter your Shipped Orders by Unprinted Only to print this label later.

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