You can scan, set, and search UPC codes for SKUs in Ordoro using any USB barcode scanner.

1. Reduce packing errors – see this support article

2. Assign UPC codes to products in Ordoro. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. One item at a time via the Product Details page
    • Click onto the sku
    • Click on Edit under the UPC field
    • Place your mouse into the UPC field
    • Scan the item
    • Click Save 2016-11-14_15-34-50
  2. In bulk via our Data Import feature. 
    • Download the Update Products example csv file
    • Place your mouse into the cell under the UPC column
    • Scan the item
    • Save the file
    • Upload into Ordoro
    • See this link for how to use our Data Import feature to update the file2016-11-14_15-45-17

3.  To find a product in Ordoro, click into the SEARCH box and scan the UPC code of the item.


4. To find and add a product based on UPC code during manual order creation, click into the ‘Add a products to order’ field and scan the product



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