Discover how Ordoro’s barcode scanning features can revolutionize your pick and pack workflow. No UPCs in Ordoro? No problem. Easily input them manually per product or utilize the Data Import function for efficient bulk UPC uploads.


  1. How to enter UPCs per product
  2. Use Data Import to update multiple products’ UPCs
  3. Searching via UPCs

How to enter UPCs per product

1. Go to the Product page in Ordoro.

2. Click on the item’s SKU to go to the Product Detail page.

3. Click the UPC field to update it. A pop-up will appear.

4. Either to enter the UPC manually or place your cursor in the field and use your scanner to populate the information.

4. Click Save.

Use Data Import to update multiple products’ UPCs

1. Go to your Company Name -> Data Import.

2. Select Update Products from the dropdown, then click Download an example file.

3. In the file, enter the UPC into column J.

  • If you’re only updating the UPC, delete all other columns besides column A – SKU.
  • If you are not updating certain columns, delete the entire column from the file. If the value is left blank, it will overwrite the information in Ordoro with a blank value.

4. Save and upload the CSV file to Ordoro via Data Import. See this support article for more details on how to use Data Import.

Find products by UPC easily. Go to the Product List page, scan the item’s barcode in the search bar, and the corresponding product will appear.

Add items using UPC while creating a manual order. Place your cursor in the Products field, scan the barcode, and locate the item quickly.