Ordoro’s shipping presets allow you to process your orders in no time by applying recurring shipping parameters in one click. 

Configure and save presets that automatically set shipping specifics for your orders. You can select from a variety of criteria like shipping carrier, method, ship date, delivery confirmation, product dimensions, weight, and more.

When it’s time for those orders to get out the door, simply select them in bulk and batch apply any of your unique presets, whether it’s one tailored to those heavy orders that need UPS’ power or one for small parcels making use of USPS’ First Class.

How to create presets?

  1. Select an order which will bring up the label panel on the right-hand side
  2. Before creating the preset, select all shipping options – for example carrier, package type, weight, shipping method, etc. – that you want to be part of that preset
  3. Click on the Presets button on the top right-hand corner of the label panel 
  4. Click on Save current options as a preset 
  5. Assign a Preset Name 
  6. Choose which preset category you want to enable
    • Carrier-Specific Options preset categories can only be viewed and selected once the carrier has been enabled
    • Other Options preset categories can be applied independently of the carrier 
    • NOTE: The preset values cannot be edited as they are a copy of what you selected in the label panel prior to saving it as a preset.
  7. Click on SAVE

How to edit a preset?

  1. Select an order from the Orders Tab in the Awaiting Fulfillment filter
  2. Select the Presets option in the top right-hand corner in the label panel
  3. Select the Pencil icon next to the Preset you want to Edit 
  • Note: You can only edit the preset by enabling or disabling a preset category. You can’t edit the preset value field and will need to delete and create an entirely new preset if they change

How to assign presets?

To assign presets to a single order:

  1. Select the order by checking the checkbox
  2. Click on Presets in the label panel
  3. Select the Preset you want to apply to the order
  4. Once selected, it will immediately apply the preset and preset values to the order 

To assign presets in bulk:

  1. Select all orders you want to apply the same preset to by checking the checkboxes
    • You can either check the checkboxes one by one or click on the select ALL checkbox
  2. In the Bulk Update Options label panel select the Presets checkbox
  3. Select the desired preset from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on Update Orders
  5. Once preset selected, it will immediately apply the preset’s values to all orders selected 

To assign presets automatically via Ordoro’s automation rules upon order import:

Ordoro’s Automation Rule lets you set up rules to apply presets to orders upon order import. If an order meets the Automation Rules IF statement, whether it’s weight, order value, SKU, etc., the rule will auto-populate the preset’s shipping parameters like carrier, shipping method, weight, etc. to the order which will become the orders new default shipping parameters.

  1. Create your preset first
  2. Create an automation rule with the preset following the steps provided here .

Shipping Presets FAQ

  • Is there a limit on how many presets you can set?
    • No
  • Can I apply multiple presets to the same orders?
    • Yes
  • Can I delete a preset?
    • Yes.
    • To delete a preset, go to the Presets menu in the Orders tab -> label panel. Hover your mouse in the preset row you want to delete and click on the trash icon that appears on the right side.
  • Can I remove the presets applied to orders?
    • If you apply presets manually right before label creation, then they can be cleared upon a browser refresh. All previously applied preset values will be removed except the weight.
    • If the preset has been applied via an Automation Rule, then all preset values will become the new default for these orders and cannot be cleared upon browser refresh. However, you can always choose to apply another preset to it or change the shipping label parameters for that order right before label creation.

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