What are Automation Rules?

To help better manage your orders, Ordoro allows you to set specific rules that will apply tags and/or presets to an order upon import or manual creation. When a rule is created, Ordoro applies a tag and/or preset based on a variety of IF conditions. Currently this feature is enabled to match the following order fields:

How do I create Rules?

1. Click on your business name in the top right-hand corner

2. From the drop-down menu, select Automation Rules

3. On the Automation Rules page, click the grey link that says Add an automation rule

4. From there, select the IF statement. See below.


5. Chose from the drop-down of available conditions

*Note that the selectable conditions will change depending on whether you’re creating a rule based on Requested Shipping Method or Order Grand Total

6. Finish the statement by entering the criteria for which the condition will apply

*Note that this field is case sensitive when entering letter characters

7. Choose whether you want to apply a Tag or a Preset

  • If you choose a tag, you can choose an existing tag or create a new tag by clicking  on Select a tag.
  • If you choose a preset, make sure you have it set up before creating the rule. See this link on how to set up shipping presets.
  • Rules can contain multiple conditions. Tags and/or shipping presets  can be applied.
    • For instance, let’s say you ship higher-value orders overnight through FedEx.
    • To solve this, create a rule with multiple criteria!
    • IF an order’s value is over $50 AND the customer requested overnight delivery, THEN apply a tag AND a FedEx overnight shipping preset to it.

9. Automation rules can be re-ordered. This is helpful when creating rules with presets.

  • To re-order rules, select the side bar icon and drag it up or down to change the order.

Automation Rules FAQ

  • Can multiple rules apply to the same order?
    • Yes
    • If multiple tag rules apply, then all tags will get applied to the same order
    • If multiple preset rules apply to the same order, then they will be applied in a hierarchical order. See below for more details.
  • Preset rules are applied in a hierarchical order and can overwrite each other if there are multiple rules with different preset values for the same parameter, i.e. Shipper and Shipping Method. They will be applied in order from top to bottom.
    • Example:
      • Create three presets:
        1. USPS Priority Mail with weight 1lb
        2. FedEx Overnight
        3. FedEx plus Additional Insurance

      • Create 3 rules in the following order:

        1. IF Order Weight equals 1lb THEN apply preset USPS Priority Mail with weight 1lb
        2. IF Any Product SKU is ABC THEN apply preset FedEx Overnight
        3. IF Order Grand Total equals to $500 THEN apply preset FedEx plus Additional Insurance

      • An order is imported where all three conditions meet:

        1. Order weight = 1lb
        2. Sku = ABC
        3. Order grand total = $500

      • Here are how the presets get applied:

        1. Shipper: FedEx
        2. Weight: 1lbs
        3. Shipping Method: Overnight
        4. Insurance added for package value:  $500
  • An applied preset rule becomes the new default shipping setting for that order
  • You can remove tags applied by a rule
  • Deleting an Automation Rule will not remove the tag and/or preset applied

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