Without entering a tracking number:

  1. Go to the Orders tab.
  2. Select Awaiting Fulfillment or All sub-tabs.
  3. Select the order(s) you would like to mark as Shipped.
  4. Click on Other Actions, and click on Mark as Shipped.

Note: If you mark an order as shipped that is associated with a sales channel, no shipment or tracking notification will be sent to the sales channel. 

Enter a tracking number manually:

Here is an alternate approach to mark the orders as shipped:

  1. Click on the Order ID to take you to the Order Detail page.
  2. Click on Enter tracking info.
  3. Enter the tracking number and other relevant shipping information.
  4. Once a tracking number has been added, Ordoro will notify your sales channel. Then, depending on the settings in your sales channel, they will notify the customer with the tracking number.
  5. Ordoro’s Data Import feature can be used to post multiple tracking numbers. See this link for more details.
    • TIP: If you use the Data Import feature to upload tracking info, you have the option to chose whether or not to send the tracking back to the sales channel.

Note: If you’re on our Pro plan and track inventory, marking orders as shipped or manually entering a tracking number will deduct from your Physical On Hand quantity.


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