You might find yourself in the situation where you have to manually add tracking numbers to the orders sitting in Ordoro. Of course you can go through each order one by one, but really, isn’t there an easier way? And the answer is yes. Instead of painstakingly adding all of those tracking numbers individually for each order, just do it in bulk via our Data Import tool.

1. Select your company name in Ordoro and select Data Import from the drop-down menu.

2. Select what type of data you want to import: Create Tracking Numbers.

  • Note: This will determine which example file is generated.

3. Download the Example File 

4. Edit the example file or create a CSV file that matches the example template. See the list below for more information about each of the CSV columns.

Order Number *Req

  • This should exactly match the Order Number in Ordoro

Shipment Date

  • This is the ship date / the date the package shipped

Tracking Number *Req

Carrier Name *Req

  • The shipper can be one of the following options:
    • Other
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post
    • DHL
    • Endicia
    • Fastway
    • FedEx
    • OnTrac
    • Parcelforce
    • Purolator
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • Royal Mail
  • You can also enter a custom carrier.
    • NOTE: If you add a custom carrier, Ordoro may not be able to map the carrier back to your sales channels accurately.

Shipping Method

  • This should be something like Priority, Ground, Next Day Air


  • The cost of the label. This value is only stored in Ordoro and is not shared with your customer. If you don’t know the cost, you can enter 0.
  • Be sure to just enter numeric values and do not include a currency symbol like $.

Email Ship To

  • This field can either be marked as TRUE / FALSE
  • If marked as TRUE, Ordoro will send a tracking number email directly to your customer
  • If marked as FALSE, Ordoro will not send a tracking number email directly to your customer
  • If the order came from one of our supported carts, it is best to mark this as FALSE. When the tracking number is entered into Ordoro, we will automatically write the tracking number back to your cart. Then your cart will email your customer with the tracking number notification. 

Email Bill To

  • Same behavior as Email Ship To field

Notify Cart

  • This field can either be marked as TRUE / FALSE
  • If marked as TRUE, Ordoro will write the tracking number back to your sales channel
  • If marked as FALSE, Ordoro will not write the tracking number back to your sales channel
  • For the most part, you’ll want to mark this field as TRUE. However, you may want to mark this as FALSE, if you dropship your items and the order came from Amazon. Amazon requires that orders ship within a certain time period. If you enter the tracking number outside of that date range, then your Amazon account may be penalized.

5. Upload the file using the drag and drop feature or select file from your compute

  • Note: Make sure you have ‘Create Tracking Numbers’ selected in the drop-down list before you upload the file.

6. Double-check and match your column titles. If everything is correct, click on Verify Columns.

  • Note: To remove a column, leave the dropdown blank.

7. Double-check your data. If everything is correct, click Save Entry (for individual entries) or Save All to save all the data from the file you’re uploading.

  • You have the option to
    • Preview each entry to review and edit the information before saving it
    • Pause on errors to pause the Data Import and see orders with errors right away (checkbox selected) or view all errors at the end of the Data Import (checkbox unselected).
  • Note: If there are errors, you will see a red error message on the top of each entry indicating the reason for the error. You can update, delete the entry, or click the Restart button if your CSV file format needs to be edited to match example file or data needs to be modified

8. If your Data Import was successful, you’ll see the following message:

9. You can find the successfully uploaded tracking number in Ordoro’s Orders -> Shipped filter under the Tracking Info Added section.

NOTE: Please be aware that each successfully saved entry will get uploaded to Ordoro, even if the entire Data Import is not complete yet.