To enter a single tracking number in Ordoro, please follow the steps below. If you’d like to update tracking in bulk, see this help article.

Once you enter a tracking number, the following steps will happen.

  • The order be marked as shipped in Ordoro and will move from the status Awaiting Fulfillment to the status Shipped.
  • The tracking number will automatically get sent back to your sales channel.
  • Then, your sales channel, depending on your settings, will notify your customer with the tracking information.

1. In Orders, expand the order and select Enter tracking info.

2. A pop-up will appear. You can enter the tracking information here. See what each field means below.

  • Shipper: Choose from one of these shipper options below.
    • Amazon SFP
    • Amazon Shipping
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post
    • China Post
    • DHL
    • DHL eCommerce
    • Fastway
    • FedEx
    • OnTrac
    • Other
    • PB Standard
    • Parcelforce
    • Purolator
    • Royal Mail
    • Sendle
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • USPS (CBDS)
    • X Delivery

NOTE: If you select Other as the Shipper, see this support article to understand how the tracking info is handled.

  • Shipping Method: Enter how it was shipped. For example, Priority Mail, Ground, or Next Day Air. This is a required field.

  • Tracking Number: Enter the tracking number. This is a required field.

  • Shipping Cost: Enter how much the label costs.

  • Ship Date: The date the package entered the mail stream.

  • Notify Bill To / Notify Ship To: This will send an email directly from Ordoro to your customer notifying them of the tracking number.
    • These are *unchecked* by default since once tracking is entered in Ordoro, we send the information to your sales channel. Then, the sales channel notifies your customer the order has shipped.
    • This option is useful if you’ve created a manual order in Ordoro and it’s not tied to a sales channel.
    • See this support article for more details.

3. Once you save the tracking number information, the order will move from Awaiting Fulfillment to Shipped.