To enter a single tracking number in Ordoro, please follow the steps below. If you’d like to update tracking in bulk, see this help article.

1. In Orders, expand the order and select Enter tracking info.

2. A pop-up will appear. You can enter the tracking information here. See what each field means below.

  • Shipper: Choose from one of these shipper options below.
    • Amazon SFP
    • Amazon Shipping
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post
    • China Post
    • DHL
    • DHL eCommerce
    • Fastway
    • FedEx
    • Newgistics
    • OnTrac
    • Other
    • Parcelforce
    • Purlator
    • Royal Mail
    • Sendle
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • X Delivery
  • Shipping Method: Enter how it was shipped. For example, Priority Mail, Ground, or Next Day Air.
  • Tracking Number: Enter the tracking number.
  • Shipping Cost: How much the label cost.
    • This value is never shared with your customer and is only stored in Ordoro for reporting purposes.
    • This field can be left blank, or you can enter zero as the cost if you’d prefer.
    • Please leave out any currency symbols like $.
  • Ship Date: The date the package entered the mail stream.
  • Notify Bill To / Notify Ship To: This will send an email directly from Ordoro to your customer notifying them of the tracking number.
    • These are *unchecked* by default since once tracking is entered in Ordoro, we send the information to your sales channel. Then, the sales channel notifies your customer the order has shipped.
    • This option is useful if you’ve created a manual order in Ordoro and it’s not tied to a sales channel.

NOTE: If you select Other as the Shipper, see this support article to understand how the tracking info is handled.

3. Once you save the tracking number information, the order will move from Awaiting Fulfillment to Shipped.

NOTE: Once you enter a tracking number, the following steps will happen.

  • The order be marked as shipped in Ordoro.
  • The tracking number will automatically get sent back to your sales channel.
  • Then, your sales channel, depending on your settings, will notify your customer with the tracking information.

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