Option 1: emails sent from the cart

When you create a label in Ordoro, we automatically write the tracking number back to your sales channel. Next, your sales channel will email your customer the tracking number notifying them their order has shipped.

To edit the email your customer receives, you’ll want to make the changes in your sales channel directly.

Option 2: emails sent from Ordoro

Ordoro can send an email listing the tracking number directly to your customer. This option is best for Manual Orders that only exist in Ordoro (i.e. orders not imported from your cart). Here’s how to send this email.

Note: If the order is connected to a sales channel, and you create a shipping label, Ordoro will automatically send the tracking back to the cart. If you follow the steps below, your customers may receive multiple emails about their tracking numbers (one from the cart and one from Ordoro).

1. When creating a label, go to:

  • Expand the Additional Options
  • Select the Notify Bill To or the Notify Ship To checkboxes

This will trigger Ordoro to send an email to either the billing or shipping email address associated with the order.

2. Once you create a label (i.e. click the Create Label button), an email will be sent to your customer.

See below for a sample tracking email. The logo and company information can be updated by going to Settings -> Profiles.

Also, you can change the From Email by following the steps in this help article.


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