When adding a tracking number to an order in Ordoro, you can enter any text into the Carrier field. To add a tracking number with a custom carrier in Ordoro, follow the steps below:

NOTE: Custom carriers may not map as expected back to all sales channels. Some sales channels require very specific spelling and formatting to map to the carrier stored in the Sales Channel.

Add Tracking on the Order Level

1. You can update your tracking either on the Order List page or on the Order Detail page.

Order List page

Order Detail page

2. When the Enter Tracking Info modal opens, select Other from the Carrier dropdown menu.

3. The Custom Carrier field will appear so that you can enter your unique carrier name.

4. Finish adding the rest of the tracking information and select Save.

Add Tracking in Bulk

1. Go to Settings in the upper right hand corner.

2. Select Data Import from the drop down menu.

3. Select Create Tracking Numbers from the dropdown menu.

4. Select Download the example file.

5. Edit the example file or create a CSV file to include your custom carrier as the Carrier Name that matches the example template. See this support article for more details on the intricacies of completing a tracking upload via data import.

6. Complete the rest of the file and then save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and import the file back into the Data Import page in Ordoro.