You may have received these error codes while trying to ship internationally in Ordoro.

  • Customs information is invalid.
  • Internal Error Occurred PB-APIM-ERR-1000

To fix this, when you are shipping internationally, you’ll need to ensure that your Customs Declaration form is fully filled out.

1. Select the international order you want to ship. The shipping panel will show up on the right side.

2. Under Additional Options, select the box next to Attach Customs Info.

3. To edit the declarations for an order, click Edit declarations next to Attach Customs Info. That will open up a Customs Declaration modal window.

4. Add or delete lines in the customs form as needed (we already pre-fill it with your order information). Set the correct description, quantity, weight, value per unit and country of origin on each line. Hit Save and Return.

  • Notice the total weight of the order. When you fill out the customs declaration form, the total declared weight needs to be less than or equal than the total order weight.

5. Last step, select Reason for Export. To learn more about the Reason for Export for FedEx and UPS, visit this support article.

Note: For UPS, please make sure to select the Certificate of Origin checkbox.

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