When creating labels for international shipments, adding the Reason for Export on your customs forms will help ensure your shipment is cleared and helps determine the tax imposed on your shipment. In Ordoro, you can add this option for both UPS and FedEx shipments.

1. Go to the shipping label modal and select UPS or FedEx as your carrier. Click on Additional Options.

2. Select Attach Customs Info. Once you select Attach Customs Info, the Reason for Export option will be visible. Select the reason under Reason for Export dropdown.

For UPS, select one of the following: Sale, Gift, Returned Goods, Repaired Goods, Commercial Sample, Inter-Company Data, or Other.

For FedEx, select one of the following: Sold, Not Sold, Personal Effects, Gift, Repair and Return, or Commercial Sample.

3. Once you have included customs information and have created the label for this shipment, view the PDF of the customs form by clicking View/Print. You will see Reason for Export on the customs form.

For UPS, you will find the Reason for Export here on the customs form:

For FedEx, you will find the Purpose of Shipment here on the customs form:

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