Only 30 items can be declared in the customs form when creating an international USPS label. If you have more than 30 lines, you can consolidate your products into more generic product categories to help fit them within the line limit. 

How to consolidate products for customs

See how to edit your customs form here. If you have more than 30 line items, you’ll see the error message below.

“This shipment has more than 30 lines, so you must consolidate some of the declarations so that the lines do not exceed this limit. Try bucketing similar items into a category (ex. t-shirts, electronics, shoes, etc) and be sure to add their weights together.”

See the screenshot below as an example.

The order contains many DVDs as separate line items. We can consolidate the DVDs into one customs line. See below.

If this option isn’t viable, consider shipping with another carrier or split the order in Ordoro. Click here for instructions on how to split orders in Ordoro.