When you are creating an international USPS label, you may notice that there are only 5 lines to list your products. If you have more than 5 products in an order that you are shipping internationally with USPS, you can consolidate your products into more generic product categories to help fit them within the 5 line limit. 

For Example, see the order contents of the order below:

This order contains four DVDs, a bike and shoes. The customs form won’t have enough room for all of these items, but because the DVDs are all similar products (and identical Harmonized Codes) you could consolidate them into the same line item on the customs form. See below.

If this option isn’t viable, you could consider shipping with another carrier in Ordoro that can apply more line items to their customs information, or try splitting the order in Ordoro. Click here for instructions on how to split orders in Ordoro.

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