You may need to split an order into multiple boxes or shipments.  Here are a few example scenarios.

  1. An order has more products than will fit in one box, so you want to ship them out in separate shipments.
  2. A product is backordered, and you want to ship out the available items.
  3. Part of the order should ship from one location and the remaining items should ship from somewhere else.

How to split an order

1. Go to Orders -> Awaiting Fulfillment, then select the checkbox next to the order you’d like to split.

2. Go to Other Actions and click on Split in the dropdown menu.

3. The Split Order pop-up window will open. Then, you can reassign which items and quantities go into the new split order.

4. Once you click Split Order, the original order will be split off into the dedicated order items and a suffix number – such as -1, -2, -3, etc. — will be assigned.

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