Orders may need to be split into multiple boxes or shipments. A few examples are:

  1. The ordered products will not fit in a single box, so additional packages are needed.
  2. An item is back-ordered, so you’ll ship the available items.
  3. It will take multiple warehouses to fulfill the order.

Ordoro makes it easy to view your available inventory so you can make educated decisions on how to ship.


  1. How to split an order
  2. How orders appear after splitting
  3. How to view the original order

How to split an order

1. Go to the Orders tab. Select the checkbox for the order to split.

2. Go to Actions -> Split Order.

3. In the Split Order modal, assign which items will go to the new order.

  • Each line item will show the Physical On Hand quantity (POH).
    • Two POH values are displayed.
      1. The POH for the order’s assigned warehouse.
      2. The POH for all warehouses.

4. When you’re ready, click Split Order to finalize the action.

How orders appear after splitting

1. The original order ID will now have a suffix.

  • For example, if the original order ID was 1-ABC, the split orders are 1-ABC-1 and 1-ABC-2.

2. Each order will have the assigned quantities from the previous step.

Note: If you need to split an order into 3, 4, or 5+ orders, you can follow the instructions above and split the existing split orders again. You’ll see additional suffixes added to the order ID.

  • For example, if you needed to split the order 4 times, the split orders would end up being 1-ABC-1,1-ABC-2, 1-ABC-3, and 1-ABC-4.

How to view the original order

1. Expand the order or go to the Order Detail page.

2. In the Parent Order section, click View details.

3. A modal shows the original order with all of its order lines.