You can cancel orders in Ordoro with ease when your customers no longer need an order shipped. See instructions below.


  1. How to Cancel Orders.
  2. How does Cancelling an Order Affect Inventory?
  3. How to Restore Cancelled Orders.
  4. Can I Delete my Orders?

How to Cancel Orders in Ordoro

1. Go to the Orders tab.

2. Select the order (or multiple orders) you want to cancel.

3. Click on Actions, then choose Cancel Order(s).

If you are canceling an order with a label, there is a checkbox that says Delete associated shipping label and tracking info.

  • If this checkbox is checked, the order will be cancelled and the label will be deleted with a refund requested.
  • If this checkbox is not selected, the order will be cancelled and the associated label will remain.

If you are canceling an order WITHOUT a label, it will look like this:

5. Once you do this, the cancelled orders will appear in the Cancelled sub-tab in the Orders tab.

Note: When you cancel an order in Ordoro, it will keep track of which one of your staff members cancelled the order and at what date and time. There is also a way to enter staff comments related to that order to explain the reason for cancellation. If you re-visit this order to see why it was cancelled, all the required information is right there, on one page.

How Does Cancelling an Order Affect Inventory?

If you cancel an order that is in Awaiting Fulfillment or Dropshipment Requested status, this order’s inventory will not be accounted for. Click here for more details.

Shipped status orders that are cancelled will not affect the inventory of the products on the order, as that inventory has already been reduced. But, if you delete the label from the shipped order, Ordoro will return the items from that cancelled order back to stock in the warehouse you shipped that order from.

How do I restore a cancelled order in Ordoro?

What if you didn’t mean to cancel an order and you would like to ship it? You can easily restore a cancelled order in Ordoro. Please see this support article for more details.

Can I Delete an Order from Ordoro?

Ordoro does not allow order deletion, because this risks a cancelled order reimporting into Ordoro.

Ordoro accurately tracks all transactions in your warehouse or supply chain. This means that every order that was created is tracked in Ordoro. If you are deleting an order, it is mostly likely because the customers decided they no longer want the shipment from you, but you may still want to keep that customer’s order information for future marketing outreach.

As your business grows, tracking your cancellation rate can help you understand why your customers are cancelling your orders.