Ordoro makes it simple to cancel orders should the need arise. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on canceling orders and related actions.


  1. How to Cancel Orders in Ordoro
  2. Impact of Order Cancellation on Inventory
  3. Restoring canceled orders
  4. Order Deletion in Ordoro

How to Cancel Orders in Ordoro

1. Go to the Orders tab.

2. Select the order(s) you wish to cancel.

3. Click on Actions, then choose Cancel Order(s) from the dropdown.

4. For orders with a shipping label:

  • A checkbox labeled Delete associated shipping label and tracking info will be visible.
  • If checked, both the order and the label will be canceled, and a refund for the label will be requested.
  • If unchecked, only the order is canceled while the label remains intact.

If you are canceling an order WITHOUT a label, it will look like this:

5. Post-cancellation, the order will be visible under the Cancelled sub-tab within the Orders tab.

Note: Ordoro logs the staff member responsible for the cancellation, the date, time, and any related comments for easy reference later.

Impact of Order Cancellation on Inventory

When an order in Awaiting Fulfillment or Dropshipment Requested is canceled, its inventory isn’t impacted. Click here for a detailed breakdown.

For orders with a Shipped status:

  • Canceling doesn’t affect the product’s inventory since it’s already been subtracted.
  • However, if you delete the label from a shipped order, the inventory from that order is added back to the originating warehouse.

Restoring canceled orders

Mistakes happen! If you unintentionally cancel an order that you intend to ship, you can easily reinstate it in Ordoro. Check out this support article for a detailed guide on restoring canceled orders.

Order Deletion in Ordoro

Ordoro does not allow order deletion because this risks a canceled order reimporting into Ordoro.

It’s important to retain all transaction records in your warehouse or supply chain. Even if a customer chooses not to proceed with a shipment, retaining their order data could be valuable for future marketing campaigns.

As your business grows, tracking your cancellation rate can help you understand why your customers are canceling your orders.