USPS offers additional delivery services for your packages shipped from Ordoro. By default, most packages will receive Delivery Confirmation, however, you can select additional delivery options while creating labels.


  1. How to Choose Delivery Confirmation Options
  2. Details for Delivery confirmation option
  3. Details for Signature Required option
  4. Details for Adult Signature Required option
  5. Details for Adult Signature Restricted Delivery option
  6. Details for Restricted Delivery option

How to Choose Delivery Confirmation Options

You can access the Delivery Confirmation options by expanding the Additional Options in the Shipping Label Panel when shipping your orders.

1. Select the checkmark next to the order you would like to update.

2. Select Additional Options and then choose your Delivery Confirmation option.

3. Create the label, and your selection will be assigned to the label created.

You can assign your Delivery Confirmation choices in bulk by using Presets, and default a choice on your order using Automation Rules.

Delivery confirmation

Delivery confirmation can be added to a shipment allowing you and your customer to track its progress as it’s delivered.

For certain domestic ship types, delivery confirmation is automatically added for free.  Here’s the list of domestic ship types below that automatically include delivery confirmation.

  • First Class (excluding the Large Envelope/Flat)
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • Parcel Select
  • Media Mail
  • Most Military Mail (APO/FPO destinations)

There are also general restrictions when adding delivery confirmation to a package.

  • Package must be at least ¾ inch thick.
  • Thinner contents must be placed and sent in a rigid box or container that won’t lose its shape or collapse into a flat or letter-sized piece during handling and delivery.

For international shipments, please refer to the USPS site directly to learn about which countries and the specific guidelines are required for international delivery confirmation.

Signature Required

This type of delivery confirmation is available for an additional cost and will include regular tracking services as well as require a signature for the package. A delivery record is kept by USPS and available electronically or by email, upon request.

This is available with any service except Standard Mail and Adult Signature Services. There is also limited availability to APO/FPO/DPO locations and certain Freely Associated States.

Adult Signature Required

This option is very similar to ‘Signature Required’ but requires the signature of an adult, someone 21 years of age or older, at the recipient’s address. You’ll get delivery information, as well as the recipient’s signature and name.

This option is not available for purchase at the Post Office and can only be bought online. Additionally, the cost of this option is higher than the Signature Required option.

Adult Signature Restricted Delivery

This adds an additional layer of security when shipping a package. For an additional fee, this includes tracking and allows you to specify the name of an adult, someone 21 years of age or older, who can only sign for and receive your item. An ID may be requested for the addressee or the person authorized to sign for and receive your item.

Restricted Delivery

Similar to Adult Signature Restricted Delivery, this service will allow you to specify any person (not defined by age), who can sign and receive your shipment. An ID may be requested for the addressee to sign and receive the package. Please keep in mind that this service must be purchased in conjunction with any of the following extra services: Certified Mail, COD, Insured Mail (over $500), Registered or Signature confirmed mail. (Note that the Restricted Delivery service is not available for USPS Pitney Bowes shippers.)