1.  Go to the Orders tab.

2.  Select all of the orders that you would like a pick list for.

3.  Click Print ->Pick/Pack List

4.  A modal will appear where you can choose the printer, packing list template, and other details you may want to print. NOTE: This setting is saved and separate from the packing list settings printed with your labels.

5. Once you click on PRINT, they will open in a new browser window from where you can print all of your packing slips as well as a pick list which you will find on the last page so you can package your orders.

Here is an example of our packing list. It is designed for the most efficient layout for both desktop and thermal printers (to waste less paper!)


    • Packing List – order specific
  • Pick List – summary of all SKUs and quantities that need to be pulled from your inventory to ship out the batch of orders you have selected to process at once. For examples, if you have 10 orders selected and decide to print the Packing List + Pick List + Labels, you will get
      • 10 Labels
      • 10 Packing Lists
    • 1 Pick List for all skus on the 10 orders

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