Since Ordoro focuses on being a multichannel solution, we offer the option to configure several packing list profiles — each with its own name and brand — to server your multi-platform needs. Select branded profiles for each of your sales channels as you create your packing lists and labels. Print both out, check out that snazzy logo and business name, and plop each into and onto orders for that extra bit of brand awareness.

To configure your Packing List(s), follow these steps:

  1. Click on your Company Name on the top right-hand corner of your Ordoro account
  2. Select Packing Lists 
  3. Upload your logo and fill out the footer, email, website URL, etc. that will get printed on your packing list
    • The same logo used for the Packing List is also the logo displayed on the label — see this help article for more information.
    • You can customize the Custom Text and Footer Message on your packing list using HTML — see this help article for more details.
  4. To create additional Packing Lists, click on the + Create a packing List option
    • Note: At least one Packing List has to be the default one which is automatically assigned to all orders.
  5. When you’re processing orders and printing Packing Lists, you have the option to choose which Packing List you want to use. Remember, it will auto-select the Default Packing List but can be changed via the Template drop-down menu.

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