Multichannel packing list

Ordoro’s focus is to streamline your work process. As a multichannel solution, we offer the option to set a default packing list template for each of your sales channels.

NOTE: Multichannel packing list is only available in Ordoro v3

Please follow these steps to set a default packing slip per Sales Channel:

1. Select on your Company Name and click Account Settings.

2. Select the Sales Channel option on the left side of the screen

3. Select Edit for the Sales Channel you would like to set a default packing slip

4. Select the default packing slip you would like to use from the dropdown menu under Default Packing List Template and click the orange Save buttonFor more information on setting up packing lists click here.

You are all done! Now for the good stuff: Printing the assigned default packing slips:

1. After creating your shipping labels and you are in the print modal, make sure to Select the Attach Packing List option. Select the Use Sales Channel Default option in the Template dropdown menu. This will print the assigned default packing slips for all orders that are selected to print.

2. You can also print packing slips before creating shipping labels, by accessing the Print Pick/Pack list from the Orders tab. You will want to follow the same steps above to print the assigned default packing slips.

3. You also have the option to override the default packing slip by selecting a different packing slip template option in the Template dropdown menu in the Print modal. This will print the selected packing slip template for ALL orders selected at time of print.

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