Keep your workflow honed with Order Cloning allowing you to quickly make a copy of any existing order without the hassle of having to create a manual order from scratch.

Why would I want to clone an order?

1. Re-Ship orders that have been lost or damaged

2. Exchanges

3. Quickly create an order and label for the same address and/or customer

4. Quickly create multiple orders with the same products

How do I clone an order?

1. Go to the Orders tab

2. Find the Order ID you want to clone

3. Select the checkbox next to the order

4. Select Actions

5. Choose the Clone Order option

6. You can keep or edit the Order ID used for the new order

7. You can keep the exact customer and order info or make changes to it, such as customer info, order items, order quantities, price, etc.

8. Click on the orange Create Order button when you’re done 

9. The cloned order will appear in the Orders -> Awaiting Fulfillment tab 

  • Note: All cloned or manually created orders will show up with the M- prefix in your account.

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