To set up Payment Processing in Ordoro via STRIPE, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your Company Name on the top right hand corner
  2. Go to Account Settings

  3. Click on Payments
  4. Click on Add an integration 
  5. Click on Authorize which will redirect you to STRIPE 
  6. Log into STRIPE if you already have an account or create a new one by filling out the form 
  7. Click on Authorize access to this account 
  8. Once authorized, it will re-direct you to Ordoro 
  9. That’s it, you’re now ready to collect payments in Ordoro

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to collect a single payment?

  • Via Orders List page: Select the order id’s checkbox -> click on Order Actions -> click on Process Payment
  • Via Order Details page: Click on the order id -> click on Process Payment

How to collect payments in batch?

  • Steps: Select multiple orders via the Products List page -> click on Order Actions -> click on Process Payment
  • You can select multiple orders to make a single payment for all orders selected
  • It will automatically sum the Grand Total of all orders selected but can be edited
    • NOTE: The Order Timeline will show the full payment amount across all orders with a link to View details ->. Click on this link to be redirected to STRIPE with a description of which orders were including in that payment

Am I being charged for creating a STRIPE account?

  • There are no subscription fees for setting up a STRIPE account
  • STRIPE will charge a 2.9% + 30¢ processing fee per successful card charge.
    • NOTE: Prices are subject to change on STRIPES’s end
  • Go to STRIPE for more details and any pricing changes

What if I don’t have a STRIPE account yet?

  • To be able to capture payments in Ordoro, you will need to create a STRIPE account

Where does the the captured payment go to?

  • You will need to provide your Bank details (routing number, account number) where payments are being captured

Can I process payments without an order?

  • All payments needs to be associated with an order
  • You can always create a Manual Order to capture funds

Can I collect multiple payments per order?

  • Yes

How do I know which orders I collected payments for and how does this get communicated to STRIPE?

  • If you process a payment on an order, it will get auto-tagged with a Payment Processed tag
  • You can check the order Timeline for payments collected
  • When you collect the payment via Ordoro, the ‘Description of Payment’ will be posted to STRIPE’s payment description

Order Timeline

  • Shows payments only
  • For processing or issuing refunds, you will need to go to STRIPE directly
  • Includes a View details -> link redirecting you to the exact payment record in STRIPE

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