1. Select Shipping Label or Return Label

Creating Shipping Label and Return Label are done within the same panel.



2. Select a Carrier 

Ordoro will integrate with Canada Post, USPS, UPS and FedEx. Before setting any other package settings, select which shipper you’d like to use to create the label.


3. Package Type

This is where you will select which type of box you are using for your package. To learn more about USPS box types and definitions, click here.

Note: If you are using your own packaging for USPS, select Parcel.



4. Weight

The weight of your package is used to determine the price of the label.

Note: You can save your product weights in Ordoro, but may want to double check the weights of your packages prior to shipping so they include the weight of the packaging.




5. Dimensions

Many shippers are now looking at the dimensions as well as weight when calculating the price of a box. The smaller the box, the more packages they can fit in a truck or plane, so ensure that your dimensions are correct.




6. Ship From

You will be able to pick the warehouse from which the package is shipping in this drop down menu. Note that your default warehouse will automatically be selected.



7. Advanced Options

To see the advanced options click the here and the panel will extend.

Note: These options will vary depending on what carrier is selected.



8. Notify Bill To/Notify Ship To

If your cart does not automatically notify your customs of the tracking numbers, or if you are creating a second label for a shipment, you’ll want to select Notify shipto and Ordoro will email the customer directly.



9. Attach Customs Info and Customs declaration form (international shipment)

Check this box when shipping internationally. To edit the declarations form, click on the grey Edit declarations link.


10. Add additional insurance

Check this box to add shipping insurance.



11. Ship Date

This is where you can set a future ship date.



12. Delivery Confirmation

You’ll be able to pick all delivery confirmation types, such as signature confirmation, in this drop down.


13. Shipping/Methods/Rates

This is where you will select the shipping method and see the corresponding rates.



14. Create Label

When you click Create, your shipping label will be created, and if you are using any shipper other than FedEx, you will be charged for that label. From here, you will select your printer type and print the label or save it for later.



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