When shipping in Ordoro, you may want to display the order number or product SKUs on the label. See the steps below to add these.

1. Go to the Orders tab. Select the order to ship.

2. In the Shipping Label panel, select Presets in the top right.

3. Then, click Save current options as a preset.

3. This will open a new pop-up modal, called Create Preset.

  • Enter a Preset Name. In this example, we used SKUs on labels.
  • Find Reference Number and toggle it on (make it blue).
  • Select Product SKUs in the dropdown.
  • Click Save.

4. You can also create a rule so this preset is applied to future orders. Select the checkbox next to Create a rule that automatically applies this preset or go to the Rules section in Settings.

  • For more information on Automation Rules, click here.

6. Apply this preset to your order. It will add the order line items to the Reference Number field.

  • To view this, go to Additional Details -> Reference Number.
  • Each SKU on the order will be included with its quantity in brackets.
  • In the example screenshot below, there is one Blade Runner DVD and five Labyrinth DVDs on the order.

7. Once you create the label, the SKUs appear on the right.

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