Ordoro offers automatic order imports from various sales channels and marketplaces. However, there are instances where you might need to create an order exclusively within Ordoro, such as for phone orders or in-person sales.

To learn how to create a manual order, refer to the instructions below.


  1. Helpful tips
  2. Start creating the order
  3. Sections to create an order
    1. Order Info
    2. Shipping and Billing Addresses
    3. Order Contents
  4. Finalize the order

Helpful tips

  • If you’d like to copy an existing order, you can use our Clone Order feature.
  • If you need to create many orders manually, we suggest using Data Import to upload a CSV file.

Start creating the order

1. Go to the Orders tab.

2. Select Create Order. This will open a new page to create the order.

Sections to create an order

The Create Order page has different sections. We’ll explore each below.

  1. Order Info
  2. Shipping and Billing Addresses
  3. Order Contents

1. Order Info

1. Order ID

  • This is pre-populated as today’s date, but you can change this before the order is saved.
  • Once the order is saved, this ID is not editable.
  • All manual orders will be prepended with “M” at the beginning to indicate this is a manual order.

2. Order Date

  • This will be today’s date by default but is editable.

3. Requested Shipping Method

  • This is the shipping method the customer has chosen.
  • Examples: Free Shipping, USPS Priority Mail.
  • If you have rules + presets set up that reference the Requested Shipping Method, be sure to enter this to match the rule.

4. Customer Notes (will appear on packing lists)

  • This is most often used as the Gift Message field.

5. Internal Notes

  • These notes will only appear to staff logged into Ordoro. It will not appear on packing lists.

6. Apply Tags

  • You can apply an Order tag here.
  • The tag can be an existing one, or you can create one on the fly.

2. Shipping and Billing Addresses

  • For returning customers, you can select their address when entering their name, avoiding the need to type it in.
  • You can also use our Paste Address feature to copy and paste addresses.
  • To copy the Billing Address from the Shipping Address, simply select the “Same as shipping” checkbox.

3. Order Contents

  • Choose existing Ordoro items or create new ones to include in your order.
  • Ordoro will display existing products to choose from when entering the product’s SKU or name.
  • The Product Name will be the one saved in Ordoro, but you can edit it by clicking on the item.
  • The financial information provided is used to automatically calculate the Grand Total.

Finalize order