Ordoro keeps track of your inventory. Anytime you ship an order, Ordoro will automatically reduce the physical on hand quantity for the item(s) shipped. Running low on stock? Ordoro will alert you on low stock items so that you can purchase them in advance before running out of stock. It’s really that easy to avoid stock outs!

Buying more items is now a breeze. Once you set up your supplier data, you can begin issuing purchase orders to them through Ordoro. Just click on ‘REORDER’ , enter the quantity you want to order, select your supplier, and warehouse you want them shipped to. An email with your purchase order is automatically sent to your supplier.

Once you receive the goods, click on ‘Create a Goods Receipt’ button and record the received items which will automatically increase the physical on hand quantity for those items.

Ordoro can manage the quantities of your products to sync with your shopping cart.  When your orders are downloaded to Ordoro, it takes one click of a button to send updated numbers back to your cart.

If you want a quick overview of the inventory management features check out this site. For more detailed instructions, keep reading.

Set up

Follow the steps below to set up inventory in Ordoro:

1.  Go to the Products tab.

2.  Select the button labeled “Import Products”.  This will download all of your products into Ordoro.

3.  At this point, Ordoro becomes your inventory master.  Any changes in quantity, description, or weight should be handled in Ordoro.  If you make these changes in your cart, Ordoro will not see them since we have already downloaded these products.  However, changes to product descriptions in your cart will show up when you download new orders, see this article for more details. On how to update product names, price, weight in Ordoro see this support article.

4.  Whenever you download orders or manually change the quantities in Ordoro, you will need to send those changes back to your cart.  The modified products will move to the “Needs Sync” filter.  To update your cart with the new quantities, select the blue “Sync” button -> select the checkboxes that re labeled “Write inventory back” -> click on the “Update Autosync Settings” button to enable the hourly inventory sync.  This will overwrite the quantities in your cart with the quantities listed in Ordoro.

5.  If you need to create a new product, your cart is the best place to do this.  Shopping carts gives you the ability to upload pictures, descriptions and set the price. Ordoro primarily handles quantities. However, if you need to create a product that you only want to keep track off in Ordoro, you can do it via the “New Product” option within the Products tab.




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