Yes. Ordoro has a built-in address validation mechanism that automatically inspects and verifies the ship-to address on every order. This step runs automatically, behind the scenes, when we import the order from your shopping cart or marketplace. There are no additional button clicks required.

Once the validation step is completed, if we detect any address problems, we will highlight those orders for you. Please see the screenshot below for more details. Ordoro also sorts the address problem into two categories –

Address Warning – This is shown in YELLOW color, with a warning icon. This means that you can still ship to this address. But adding more information, such as an apartment or suite number, may give a more specific address, and is recommended. But you CAN IGNORE this warning and create the shipping label to the address the way it currently is at your own risk and cost.

Address Error – This is shown in RED color, with an error icon.  Behind the scenes, we use an address verification system provided by the USPS (United States Postal Service) and the Address Error message means that USPS does not recognize the ship-to address on the order. But you CAN IGNORE this warning and try (success not guaranteed) to create the shipping label to the address the way it currently is at your own risk and cost.

We say “success not guaranteed” since there may be required address details that are missing preventing you from label creation, such as zip code, state, country code, etc. Or you may not be able to create labels if specific address details are not mapped to the correct fields, such as the zip code being entered in the state field.


Once you see a warning or an error, you can click on the “Edit” link right below the address (shown on the screenshot). That will popup a modal that will give you more details about the error.