Yes! It is possible to include the supplier cost when you send the dropship requested email. This can be set up automatically per Supplier in the Supplier Settings   

To navigate to your Supplier settings to enable this setting:

  1. Click on your Company Name
  2. Select Account Settings 
  3. Select Suppliers from the menu on the left side
  4. Choose Edit on the right side
  5. The option to “Show supplier cost in dropshipment request emails” will be located under the Automatic Dropshipment Options
  6. Click the box beside this option if would like to enable this setting
  7. Click the orange Save button to update your Supplier settings

For more information on setting up Suppliers, please check out this support article.

If this setting is checked, then the supplier cost will appear in all automatic dropshipping and process dropship ready emails. 

If you are manually dropshipping and the setting is enabled on the supplier level, “Show supplier cost in email” will be automatically be selected in the Dropship modal.

This option can be overridden when manually dropshipping. If deselected, supplier cost will not show on the email for this one time only. The setting will remain selected on the Supplier setting level. 

Click here to see what a dropship requested email looks like to your Supplier.

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