If you want to have the option to review your orders before processing them to be dropshipped, then the Process Dropship-Ready workflow sounds like the answer for you!

Set your products to have a default supplier and be marked ‘Dropsphipped’ only, NOT automatic. Once this process has been completed, your orders will import into the Awaiting Fulfillment filter so you can process/route the orders accordingly.

How to process dropship orders from the Orders Awaiting Fulfillment filter:

1. Click on the Orders tab in the green bar

2. Select the Awaiting Fulfillment filter

  • TIP: Expand ALL Orders so you can see which products are identified as Dropship-Ready by the truck icon

3. Select one or multiple orders that have Dropship-Ready products

4. The label panel will open on the right side of the screen

5. Select the Dropship tab

6. Ordoro will notify you how many orders will be processed with Dropship-Ready products

7. Select the orange Process button

That’s it! Once the Process button has been selected, emails will be sent to the corresponding assigned default suppliers and the orders will be moved into the Dropshipment Requested filter.

Once your supplier(s) confirm the order has been shipped and shares the tracking information with you, you can update the tracking information in Ordoro so that your cart and customer will be notified that the order is on its way.

What happens to orders with a mix of Dropship-Ready and non-Dropship-Ready products?

Orders containing a mix of Dropship-Ready and non-Dropship- Ready products will be split into multiple orders upon processing the order via the Dropship tab.

  • Orders with the Dropship-Ready products will be processed and move to the Dropshipment Requested filter.
  • Orders with non-Dropship-Ready products will split into a new order and will remain in the Awaiting Fulfillment filter so you can ship/process it yourself.

Please see this video on processing dropshipped orders in Ordoro version 3


**NOTE** To see a full screen version of the dropship orders process, click on the bottom right icon next to the volume option in the black bar

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