Whether you’re a merchant, supplier, or 3PL, Ordoro can help centralize the management of your dropshipping orders all into a single platform. Increase your dropshipping precision and never miss the mark by automating your dropshipping tasks.

Ordoro can manage dropshipping in multiple ways:

  1. Manual dropshipping: Manually chose the supplier you want to dropship an entire order to. This doesn’t require any setup on the product end.
  2. Process dropshipping: This feature allows you to review orders before routing the products on your orders to their default supplier
  3. Automatic dropshipping: Orders immediately route to the default supplier upon import to Ordoro
  4. Dropshipping via Rule: Similar to Manual dropshipping, this will dropship an entire order to a supplier based on target information received on the order. No product setup necessary.


  1. Process vs. Automatic Dropshipping
  2. Initial setup
  3. Set up products for dropshipping

Process vs. Automatic Dropshipping

Automatic Dropshipping allows you to dropship your orders automatically as they import from the sales channel. This means that all orders imported with an Auto-Dropshipped product will always get dropshipped to the default supplier.

Process Dropshipping is a feature that, with the press of one button, automatically splits orders and routes them to their default suppliers. We give this option to you on the Order list page if you want to send all products on an order to their default suppliers for fulfillment.

Both features require set up on the product end to function.

Initial setup

Products can be assigned default suppliers, and then set to be dropshipped in Ordoro. This allows Process and Auto-Dropshipping to function correctly. But first, you need products and suppliers in your account.

1.  Click Here for instructions for importing products into Ordoro.

2. Click here for instructions for adding suppliers to Ordoro.

Set up products for dropshipping

3. Go to the Products tab and select products that you want assign to the same dropshipper.

4.  From the Actions dropdown select Set Supplier/Dropshipper.

5. A modal will pop up asking how the product(s) should be handled.

  1. Select Dropshipped.
  2. Select a Default Dropshipper for these products. If you only want to Process dropship, then go to step 4, and Save the update.
  3. Select Automatic if you want to automatically dropship all these products to this supplier when they import on orders.
  4. Click on Save

6.  The products will be marked as Dropshipped (with an AUTO tag if they are set to Automatic), and the supplier will be listed in the Supplier column.

  • Auto-Dropshipped Products will be split into a separate order upon order import and automatically routed to the corresponding supplier for fulfillment. These orders will be found in the Dropshipment Requested status
    • You can also set products as auto-dropshipped in bulk using the Data Import feature. Please follow the instruction here, paying close attention to step 4.
  • Process Dropshipped Products: Upon order import/creation, products will remain in Awaiting Fulfillment status. To process the order follow the steps in the help article here.
    • You can also set products for Process dropshipping in bulk using the Data Import feature. Please follow the instruction here, excluding step 4.

7. To see all your dropshipped products, click Filters on the Products tab.

Select the Dropship status and click Apply.