You can assign dropship suppliers to your products in Ordoro in bulk.

Here is how you can set up products for dropshipping in bulk:

1. Go to the right-hand corner and click on your business name and then click on Data Import

2. Select Assign Dropship Suppliers and download the example file Assign Dropship Supplier.csv



3. Match the example csv template and save as csv

  • Note: the columns with an * indicate that the column is required – for any column not used, delete from the file altogether before saving

4. Upload the CSV file by dragging and dropping it into the app – upon doing so, you will be prompted to map the columns

5. Click on ‘Verify Columns’ and follow the remaining steps

  • Important: do not navigate away from the page while the import is running – wait until the upload shows complete

Auto Dropshipping and Additional Options

6. If you want your products to be automatically and instantly routed to a dropship supplier upon order import, you will need to upload the Set Automatic Dropshipping.csv file, as well:

  • Download example file
  • Update file with required data
  • Upload file into Ordoro

7. In addition, you can assign dropship unit costs as well as supplier SKUs using the Create-Update Supplier SKUs.csv example file

  • Note:  this is vital if you are tracking supplier cost in Ordoro




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