Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business with Ordoro, your trusted order and inventory management platform. Ordoro’s extensive product data can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to year-end inventory value calculations.

In this guide, we walk through the process of exporting crucial product data from Ordoro. Learn how to make data-driven decisions and optimize your e-commerce operations while ensuring accurate year-end inventory values.


  1. How to use the product export
  2. How to export product info
  3. What columns are in the product export?

How to use the product export

Once you’ve exported the information, you can modify it and re-upload it to Ordoro. See this article related to bulk data edits.

  • Note: The inventory export file is not an exact match for all of Ordoro’s Data Import templates.

Also, with the raw data, advanced reports can be created for your products, such as the total inventory value, 30-day sales per product, if products are used in kitting, etc.

How to export product info

1. Go to the Products tab.

2. Select Other Actions -> Export SKU Inventory Info.

3. In the modal, there are two options.

  1. Warehouse-specific: All product and inventory information from the chosen warehouse(s).
  2. All products (includes supplier info): All products with supplier information, regardless of if suppliers are assigned.

4. Click Export.

5. Select the Activity tray in the top right corner.

6. Click Exports to download the file to your computer.

7. Click on the CSV Download of your report (the Task Type will be Export Products) and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

What fields are in the product export?

Here are the columns for the Warehouse-specific export:

  1. SKU
  2. ASIN
  3. Description
  4. Category
  5. Warehouse
  6. Location in Warehouse
  7. Physical On Hand
  8. Available
  9. Committed
  10. PO Reordered
  11. Low Stock Threshold
  12. Price
  13. Weighted Average Unit Cost
  14. Weight
  15. 30 Day Shipments
  16. Total Value of Inventory
  17. Length
  18. Width
  19. Height
  20. UPC
  21. Kit Parent
  22. Kit Component
  23. Tags
  24. Has Serial Numbers (TRUE/FALSE)
  25. Harmonized Code
  26. Fulfillment Type (This will show the product’s fulfillment: In House, Dropshipped and Automatically Dropshipped)

These are the columns for the All products (includes supplier info) export:

  1. Product SKU
  2. Product Description
  3. Supplier SKU
  4. Supplier Name
  5. Supplier Unit Cost
  6. Default (TRUE/FALSE)
  7. Minimum Order Qty