Note: Your Resupply Options are different than your Dropship Options.  To learn more about how to assign your dropship options, see this article.

1.  Create your suppliers in Ordoro.  Please see this article for assistance.

2. Go to the Products tab and select all products belonging to one supplier.

3. Click on Set Supplier/Dropshipper

4. Select the ‘Default Supplier’, add ‘Unit Cost’ and ‘Minimum Order Quantity’ and then click on Save

You can also assign default suppliers to your products in bulk using the Data Import Feature.

1. Click on your business name in the top right-hand corner
2. Select Data Import
3. Select the Create/Update Supplier SKUs option from the dropdown menu
4. Download the example file: Create-Update Supplier SKUs
5. Configure your suppliers in the spreadsheet. Use each row to add your sales channel SKU to the supplier SKU and specify the Supplier price (maps to the PO Unit Cost field. This is the price you pay your Supplier for the product)
6. Add additional suppliers SKUs to each product SKU on a new row. Be sure to designate a default supplier.
7. Repeat step 6 to add more suppliers.

8. SAVE AS a CSV file to your desktop
9. Go to the Data Import setting in your Ordoro account
10. Select the Create/Update Supplier SKUs option from the dropdown menu
11. Drag the saved CSV file into the data import window
12. Follow the prompts to complete the data import

You can also update the supplier by clicking on the product and going into the details page below: pounitcost

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