It’s so hard to say goodbye, but we understand you may need to cancel your account for business or personal reasons. If you’ve decided it’s time to close your Ordoro account – please follow the steps below.

Cancellation process

Send an email to to begin the process.

In the email, please include the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Support pin (to find it, see this support article)
  3. Reason for cancellation
  4. If you’re choosing to use other software, please list which one

For items 3 + 4, we truly value candid feedback as we’re always improving Ordoro. It may be the feature you need is just around the corner! The more we learn from you, the better we can be in the future so anything you can share with us is extremely helpful!

Exporting Data

You’ll also want to export out any data prior to submitting the cancellation. Once an account is canceled, the data in Ordoro is no longer accessible.

Please see the following help articles on how to export order and inventory data to a CSV file.

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