This is going to depend on whether you are an Endicia USPS customer or a Pitney Bowes USPS customer. You can locate your USPS client in your shipping menu when creating labels. The dropdown menu for Carriers will include your shipper.

For Pitney Bowes Customers:

1. Click on your business name in the right-hand corner, and select Account Settings.

2. In the left-hand menu, select Shippers/Carriers.

3. Select Export CSV

4. Select the date range you would like to see in the report. This is based off the shipping date. If you do not select any dates, it will return your shipping transactions from the last 30 days.

For Endicia Customers:

To pull a CSV spreadsheet of all labels with their delivery status, you will follow these instructions.

Contact Ordoro Support for your account number and password

1. Log in to

2. Click My Account

3. Select Reports

4. Select Account Transactions

5. Select Parameters:

  • Period: Date range
  • Export to Spreadsheet checked
  • Show: All Transactions and Detailed Listing

6. Submit

This is useful to see which shipments have shipped and which have not and may need refunds processed for them.

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