Follow these steps to export Purchase Order history into a spreadsheet:

1. Click on the POs tab in the green bar.

2. Select the Other Actions dropdown menu.

3. Select the Export PO Info option.

4. In the Export PO Info modal, select the Level of Detail:

  • Summary: Includes Supplier, Warehouse, and Purchase Order financial information
  • Detail: Includes the Summary information + SKU, Ordered Quantity, and Product Cost information

5. Select the Status of Purchase Orders you want to export.

  • Unsent
  • Sent
  • Partial
  • Received
  • Canceled 
  • All

6. Select the Date Range of POs to export. The date range is based on the Purchase Order created date.

7. Select which Warehouse(s) you wish to be included.

  • Note: this is the warehouse set on the Purchase Order in which the goods will be received and stocked.

8. Select which Supplier(s) to be included in the report.

  • Note: this is the Supplier set on the Purchase Order.

9. Select the orange Export option.

10. Download the report from the Activity Menu located in the top right-hand corner of the Ordoro account. 


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