Learn how to create Goods Receipts to increase your inventory and validate product receipts after creating a purchase order (PO). Easily export all Goods Receipts from the POs tab in Ordoro by following the instructions below.

Are you looking to close out your purchase order (PO) and validate that you’ve received all the products you ordered from your supplier? You can easily do so by creating a Goods Receipt, which not only ensures that you have all your items but also helps increase your inventory quantities. To learn how to create a Goods Receipt, check out this article.


  1. The Date Range is when the Goods Receipt was created, not updated. 
  2. The best practice is to create a new Goods Receipt each time you receive items, not to continually update an existing one.


  1. How to export your Goods Receipts to a CSV file
  2. What columns are in the Goods Receipt export?

How to export your Goods Receipts to a CSV file

1. Click on the POs tab in the green bar.

2. Select Other Actions -> Export PO Goods Receipts.

3. In the Export PO Goods Receipts modal, select:

  • Date Range: Based on the Goods Receipt created date.
  • Time Zone: Choose the appropriate time zone to ensure that the export accurately reflects it.

4. Click the Export button to generate the report.

5. Once the report is complete, it is available in the Activity Menu -> Exports.

6. Click the CSV button. The file will automatically download to your computer.

What columns are in the Goods Receipt export?

  1. PO Number
  2. Supplier Name
  3. PO Created Date
  4. PO Status
  5. PO Sent Date
  6. Goods Receipt Number
  7. Goods Receipt Date
  8. Number of Lines
  9. Receiving Warehouse
  10. PO Instructions
  11. Product Name
  12. SKU
  13. Supplier SKU
  14. Location in Warehouse
  15. Line Ordered Qty
  16. Line Received Qty