You can export all your order data into a CSV (comma separated values) file. Then, you can load this file into an excel spreadsheet and slice and dice the data whichever way you want.

For example, you can easily extract all your customer email addresses from this file and then use that information for your email campaigns. Or you can group orders by SKU and identify repeat buying patterns. Or you can filter out orders by the state to figure out your sales tax calculations.

Exporting order data from Ordoro is extremely easy and here is how:

  1. Go to the Orders tab and make sure no orders are selected
  2. Select Other Actions dropdown to the right of Create Order.
  3. From the dropdown, select Export Order Info.
  4. Choose
    • The orders date filter for your report.
    • The start date and end date (the default values are set to show last 30 days).
    • Level of Detail
      • Order Summary will list each order on one row in the spreadsheet
      • Order Detail will list all of the products in the order on a separate line so there may be more than one row related to an order
    • Order Status
    • Sales Channel
    • Tags
  5. Click Export.
  6. Your report will be available in the Activity Menu, located to the left side of your Sync button. Select on the orange CSV text and your file will automatically download to your computer.

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