Omni Bar:

Notice the big search bar above the list of products. This is your friendly, neighborhood OmniBar. Consider it the central hub for all things filter and search-related on the Products page.


The filters section is at the top of the page, below the green bar.

Currently, you can filter by the following:

  • Product status
  • Supplier
  • Sales Channel
  • Product Category

Reverse Filter:

To filter the opposite results for each product status, select the Reverse Filter. Hover your mouse in-line with the status and click on the Reverse Filter icon on the right.

For example, in the screenshot below, you could filter by NOT Active.

Status of the product:

These are the product statuses to filter by:

  1. Active: Products that are currently active in your sales channel.
  2. Not Active (Archived products): Reverse filter on Active. Archived products generally mean discontinued items.  (See how to archive products here).
  3. Low Inventory: Products which have quantities less than or equal to the set low stock threshold quantity. (See how to set the low stock threshold here).
  4. Not Low Inventory: Reverse filter on Low Inventory. This filter will display products that have not hit the low stock threshold.
  5. Kits: This filter will display Parent Kit products only. (See how to set up Kits here).
  6. Not Kits: Reverse filter on Kits. This filter will display products that are not Kits.
  7. Kit Components: This filter will display all child products that create Kits in the account.
  8. Not Kit Components: Reverse filter on Kit components. This filter will display products that are not associated with Kits.
  9. Dropship: Products marked for dropshipping. (See how to set products as dropship here). 
  10. Not Dropship Products: Reverse filter on Dropship. This filter will display all products that are not set to dropship.
  11. Need Sync: Products requiring an inventory update to the sales channel.
  12. Not Need Sync: Reverse filter on Needs Sync. Products not in the Needs Sync filter and do not need an inventory update to the sales channels.
  13. On Open Orders: Products tied to Awaiting Fulfillment or Dropshipment Requested orders.
  14. Not On Open Orders: Reverse filter on On Open Orders. This filter will display products that are not on any open orders. 
  15. Oversold: Products tied to Awaiting Fulfillment or Dropshipment Requested orders that have oversold (inventory quantity is less than zero).
  16. Not Oversold: Reverse filter on Oversold. Products tied to Awaiting Fulfillment or Dropshipment Requested orders that have NOT oversold (inventory remains positive).


To see products assigned to a specific supplier, select the Suppliers option in the Filter section. Then, click the Supplier you would like to see. 


  • In the screenshot above, we have filtered by “Supplier A”.
  • However, notice SKU “Dance Combo 10”. It lists “Supplier C”.
  • This SKU has two suppliers assigned – “Supplier A” and “Supplier C”. “Supplier C” is the DEFAULT supplier. 
  • Ordoro only displays the DEFAULT Supplier on the Products list page.

Sales Channels:

To see all products that are connected to a specific sales channel, click on the Sales Channel option in the Filter section and select which Sales Channel you would like to see.  

Product Category:

To see products by category, click on the Category option and enter the category you are searching for. All products assigned with this category will display.

See here how to assign product categories.

Bookmark your filters:

Lastly, your complex filter combinations can be bookmarked in your browser for easy access. Those who hate having to repeat themselves will find this to be very handy. 

Please see the following links on how to bookmark pages:

We love hearing feedback from our customers so we can continue to improve and grow the product! If you have any questions or feedback about the advanced product filtering, please email and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. 

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