The Low Stock Threshold is a quantity you can set to help with managing inventory. When the Low Stock Threshold quantity is set and the inventory hits the threshold in any of your warehouses, the product will show up in the LOW INVENTORY filter.

To set your low stock threshold for your products, you have two options.

Option 1: Manually assign Low Stock Threshold

1. Go to the Products tab in the green bar

2. Click on the product SKU

3. Click Edit next to Low Stock Threshold for the specific warehouse you would like to change

4. Enter the Low Stock Threshold you’d like saved for that product

5. Click Save

Option 2: Uploading Low Stock Threshold Levels in Bulk via CSV

1. Go to Settings in the upper right hand corner and select Data Import from the drop down menu

2. Select Update Inventories from the drop down menu

3. Download the example file

4. Update the CSV with your SKUs and Supplier SKUs.

5. Upload the CSV of your Supplier SKU numbers

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