If you are an Ordoro PRO user and sync inventory quantities from Ordoro to your sales channel(s), you may have noticed the Needs Sync filter within the Products tab.

Here is what that filter is used for –

  • Since Ordoro is a multichannel inventory management tool, Ordoro is constantly synchronizing your stock levels with all your sales channels (Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, etc.).
  • Some of our customers have tens of thousands of products and these products need to be synchronized with all their sales channels regularly.
  • It is very time and resource-intensive to write back the stock level of every single product every time. So Ordoro has a smart algorithm to figure out which product’s stock level needs to be synchronized.
  • If Ordoro detects that the product needs to be synchronized because of a change detected on the inventory level, then Ordoro will mark that product as Needs Sync.
  • During the next sync cycle (which happens once an hourly basis) – Ordoro will sync the stock level of that product back to your sales channel(s).
  • You can click on the Needs Sync filter in the UI anytime to see which products are going to be synced back to your sales channels during the next sync cycle

If you would like to learn more about the filters on the Products page, please see this support article.

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